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Autonomous vehicles

Motion capture systems provide precision data that validate the accuracy of lidar, radar and other sensors and are helpful when refining performance in complex scenarios, such as the transition from roads to indoor surroundings.

The “ground truth” visualizations produced in 3D and in real-time by Qualisys systems are essential in confirming that the diverse technologies required to power autonomous vehicles are working individually and in harmony. With a Qualisys mocap system, you get accurate data that can be synchronized with other external time based systems.

The system can be used for both indoor and outdoor testing to measure the motion performance in autonomous cars.


Real-time SDK

Stream motion data, for example 2D, 3D and 6DOF, over TCP/UDP to your application.

Weatherproof hardware

Get superior results even in the most challenging environments.

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IRIG & PTP sync

Choose from a range of different synchronization possibilities. For example IRIG & PTP.

Automotive - feature photo


Many kinds of movements in vehicles can be measured using a Qualisys system. For example, a system may be used to identify unwanted movements in the engine house. Qualisys cameras mounted above the engine can measure even the slightest movements that might impact optimal performance.

Motion capture could also be used to measure wheel and body movements during suspension testing. The real-time data provided can give an accurate picture of the effect of uneven road surfaces on the performance of various automotive components.

  • Ground truth data
  • Indoor, outdoor and in sunlight
  • Visualizations produced in real-time
  • Accurate data at large distances
Automotive - feature photo


The Qualisys system is an excellent tool for ergonomic design. With vast experience in the study of human biomechanics, our motion capture technology can be used to optimize the set-up of a driver’s seat in a truck or vehicle.

The same principles are used across other industries and segments as well.

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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Huge spaces provide challenges in terms of delivering accurate measurement data over large distances. A Qualisys system is the gold standard when using motion capture to measure large volumes while maintaining high accuracy and precision.

Our cameras can see small markers from far distances, which is essential to provide real-time visualizations of the impact of weight on the forks of an AGV, or the optimal pallet-stacking capabilities of a factory vehicle.

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