Good things come in fours.

Four models. Four impressive takes on motion capture.

The platform provides superior resolution, maxed out frame rates and anything in-between. More importantly, Arqus advanced marker detection algorithms provide exceptional accuracy.

26 MP
150 / 290 fps
12 MP
300 / 1040 fps
9 MP
300 / 590 fps
5 MP
700 / 1400 fps

The industry’s highest-performing motion capture camera platform.

The most Arqurate motion capture camera in the world.

Accuracy is very important to us. That’s why we made Arqus our most accurate motion capture camera to date.

We've also launched the highest resolution mocap camera in the industry – by a mile.

3D resolution1

0.03 mm – 0.06 mm

With great power comes great distances.

With it, the Arqus can detect passive markers as far as 50 m (165 ft)2.

Our most powerful strobe yet.

Arqus motion capture camera is driven by 24 high power LEDs and is 50% more powerful than previous models.

Our philosophy

Be safe. Use protection.

The clear choice for tough environments.

The Arqus motion capture camera family includes models with protected housing that's specifically built to withstand any type of weather it may encounter.

Designed to be natively waterproof and dustproof, and with an extended temperature range, the camera will operate where you need it to.

Great for the great outdoors.

Our most outdoor capable motion capture camera yet.

The weather protection combined with its high-power strobe alongside the embedded Active filtering technology and the Sun filter, allows the camera to distinguish markers from the background outdoors even in the brightest of sunshine.

The sum of all this means that the Arqus mocap cameras can be used in pretty much any environment you could imagine recording in.

Less cabling with daisy-chaining.

Simply connect one camera with the previous one.

Just like this.

Enjoy up to 80% less cabling with Daisy chaining.

The development

The only motion capture camera with an integrated quick release plate.

No more looking for that missing quick release plate. We got it built in.

The tripod mount of the Arqus makes every-day use of your portable motion capture camera system super easy.

Besides the standard 1/4" tripod mounts, the housing has an integrated quick-release plate compatible with most available tripod heads.

Scandinavian design. Global commitment.

35 years of building motion capture cameras. 35 years of happy customers.

Be sure to check out our customer stories.

Customer stories

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1 3D resolution refers to the smallest detectable motion that can be measured at 10 m (33 ft) with a standard lens.
2 Measured with Arqus A12 mocap camera equipped with standard lens @ maximum exposure and 19mm markers.

Compare cameras

1 3D resolution refers to the smallest detectable motion that can be measured at 10  m (33 ft) with a standard lens.
2 Max distance where marker covers 2 × 2 pixels @ 200 fps with standard lens.
3 Has active-filtering and/or Sun Filter compatibility for improved outdoor measurements. The optional protected housing makes the camera able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Read more about our outdoor capabilities.

Camera body

Dimensions: 132 × 143 × 126 mm (5.2 × 5.6 × 5 in) View in 3D/AR
Weight3: 1.9 kg (4.19 lbs)

Arqus dimensions

Convection cooled, custom die-cast aluminum, polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane.
Comes with Kensington lock for preventing theft.

Available housings
  • Standard
  • Protected


Camera output
  • Marker coordinates
  • Monochrome video preview
Marker support
  • Passive and active


Field of view: 82° – 25°. 4

C-mount / EF-mount (motorized)5.
Adjustable focus & f-stop.


Invisible infrared light (24 NIR high power LEDs @ 850 nm).

Display & LEDs

Built-in high contrast OLED display.

LED indicator ring used for indicating camera status.

Enclosure protection

Each Arqus model is available in a standard or protected housing.
Protected Standard
Protection classification IP67 / Nema 6 IP30 / Nema 1
Heavy duty push-pull connectors
Operating temperature range -15 – 45°C 5 – 113° F 0 – 35°C 32 – 95° F


1-connector Daisy-chained Gigabit Ethernet & Power

Miqus-compatibility: Yes
Oqus-compatibility: Yes

External sync (using Camera Sync Unit)
  • Trig in
  • Sync in/out
  • Video Genlock
  • PTP
  • IRIG

3 Varies slightly depending on lens choice.
4 Depends on Arqus model and lens choice.
5 EF-mount for motorized lenses is only available for Arqus A12.