Your own Black Box

Project Automation Framework allows you to create your own analysis pipeline and run it directly from Qualisys Track Manager. The end user will never have to see the analysis code and can treat it as a black box.

Your analysis engine of choice

Even though Project Automation Framework is designed specifically for running Visual3D pipelines, it can also run and pass data to any command line application, including MATLAB and Python.

Manage custom data fields

Project Automation Framework makes it easy to manage patient/subject metadata inside QTM. Configure exactly what fields you need their data types. PAF takes care of the rest.

Key features

  • Unified project workflow
  • Automated report generation
  • Metadata management
  • Full QTM integration
  • Standardize your project structure
  • Automate repetitive tasks
Analysis module chart

Create custom reports

Project Automation Framework provides powerful report generators for creating custom reports in Microsoft Word format or for the web.

You can also create reports in other tools such as Visual3D or MATLAB.

Automate common tasks

Project Automation Framework is designed for clinical environments where optimal workflow is essential.

The framework takes care of everyday tasks such as file (re)naming, file & folder creation, updating metadata and setting the right workspace options.

Control QTM via HTTP

QTM comes with a built-in web server that exposes a (RESTful) HTTP API.

The API makes it possible to start & stop captures, as well as reading, creating, modifying & deleting PAF resources via client applications.