Qualisys Qtm software eye tracker screenshot

The eye tracker data is visualized as a gaze vector with a maneuverable vector trace. If used together with a Qualisys video camera, 3D overlay is also possible. Gaze vector data can be plotted and smoothed1 in QTM or exported as a TSV or MATLAB file for further data analysis.

1 Not available for all eye tracking devices

Supported Eye Tracking Devices

  • Tobii Pro Glasses 2 and 3
  • Ergoneers Dikablis
  • Smart Eye, hardware sync only

Table tennis - Eye tracking in QTM

Export .TSV

Export 3D/6DOF/force/analog data to tab separated value files, for analysis in for example Microsoft Excel.

3D video overlay

Get 3D video overlay on your reference video. Video overlay works with any Qualisys video camera that’s been calibrated with the mocap system.

MATLAB & LabVIEW export

Export 3D/6DOF/force/analog data to MATLAB and LabVIEW for further analysis.

Eye tracker comparison

Feature 1
Hardware Sync + +
QTM Integration + +
Gaze Vector + +
Gaze Vector Smoothing Filters +
Head mount + +
Pupil Data +

Watch to learn how to integrate the Tobii Pro Glasses

Want to know more about eye tracking integrations?

For more information on Qualisys’ eye tracking integration capabilities, contact our sales or support staff by clicking the link below. Alternatively, read more about Tobii, Smart Eye, and Ergoneers eye tracking devices by visiting their websites.

Tobii website      Ergoneers website      Smart Eye website

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