Quality captures in rain or shine.

Qualisys is at the forefront when it comes to providing engineers and researchers with motion capture systems that perform in tough environments.

Whether the system is setup in a grass field during the hot summer climate, outdoor snow sport research, an underground mine, a container crane in the harbor, or drone measurements in a permanent outdoor installation, our hardware has proven endurance.

Weatherproof features

  • Passive & active marker support
  • Active filtering for outdoor capture
  • Sun Filter1
  • Extended temperature range1
  • Protected Housing IP67 (NEMA 6)1
  • Daisy-chaining (no switch required)
  • Industrial-grade cables1
  • Quick release tripod mount1
Weatherproof Motion Capture - feature photo

Hot & cold

Athletes are measured where training occurs, which may mean humid, hot days or cold and snowy conditions. Industrial users face temperatures that go outside of what is normal elsewhere. But the working temperature of most motion capture cameras has not been adapted to this reality.

Qualisys has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in motion capture with our latest camera platform, the Arqus. The camera offers models with an extended temperature range that goes as low as -15 °C and as high as 45 °C (5 – 113 °F).

Weatherproof Motion Capture - feature photo

Water & dust

Moisture and rain are also a challenge for outdoor motion capture. In many industrial environments or capture spaces that house animals and livestock, dust and dirt are known to cause trouble over time. IP67 rated housing makes the cameras 100% dust-proof and capable of being immersed in water for 30 minutes.

Qualisys hardware goes even further as witnessed in our underwater models, built in IP68 rated housing and pressure tested to 40m depths for full underwater use.

Weatherproof Motion Capture - feature photo


Intense ambient light can interfere significantly with the measurement unless you have the right equipment. Even if direct sunlight can be avoided, reflections, can be a challenge to overcome. Qualisys cameras have two features to specifically address these challenges:

Active filtering

Active filtering is an in-camera hardware operation that greatly improves performance in the brightest of capture environments.

Sun filter

A custom-made bandpass filter engineered to match each cameras. It removes over 97% of solar light, with only 20% reduction in strobe efficiency.

See how the sun filter works under the bright Australian sun

The all-weather Arqus

Arqus Protected extreme performance outdoor mocap camera with waterdrops | Qualisys

The protected versions of the Arqus cameras have everything you need for challenging environments.

Arqus housing is IP67 (NEMA 6) rated, ships with Sun Filters and offer extended temperature ranges from -15 – 45 °C (5 – 113 °F). Arqus protected cameras give you a unique solution for something as demanding as permanent outdoors installations.

Learn more about Arqus

Camera selection guide for challenging environments

Feature  Miqus Arqus Standard Arqus Protected
Active tracking + + +
Active filtering + + +
Daisy chained + + +
High power strobe + +
Sun Filter Add-on +
Waterproof & Dustproof +
Extended Temperature range +

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1 Optional accessory/feature and/or not available for all camera models.