The Qualisys motion capture system.

Arqus and Miqus – our two motion capture camera families make up the backbone of the Qualisys motion capture system.

You can combine Arqus and Miqus cameras in various ways to fit your specific needs.

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Compatible third-party hardware

Our motion capture systems are compatible with a wide range of third-party devices, including force plates, EMG and eye trackers.

Underwater motion capture

Qualisys’ underwater cameras are the world’s only commercially available optical motion capture cameras for underwater use.

All cameras are pressure tested to a depth of 40m.

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Reference video cameras

Cameras that provide synchronized reference video.

Weatherproof Motion Capture

Our protected camera models provide extra features resulting in excellent tracking in challenging environments.

Whether it’s outdoor, underground, hot or cold our hardware has proven endurance.

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1 Max distance where marker covers 2 × 2 pixels @ 200 fps.