Compare our motion capture cameras.

Arqus and Miqus – our two motion capture camera families make up the backbone of the Qualisys motion capture systems.

You can combine Arqus and Miqus cameras in the same motion capture system in various ways to fit the requirements of your specific needs.

1 Max distance where marker covers 2 × 2 pixels @ 200 fps.

Qualisys Motion capture technology – mocap systems for all needs

Qualisys offer two camera platforms designed for different motion capture applications, The Arqus and Miqus. These camera technologies enable the capture of  precise movement data in various fields, including sports, biomechanics, entertainment, and research.

Both Arqus and Miqus cameras are key components of the Qualisys mocap system, which includes a combination of cameras, markers, and software for capturing, processing, and analyzing movement data. These motion capture technologies offer researchers, athletes, animators, and professionals in various fields the tools they need to precisely record and study human and object motion, enhancing their ability to improve performance, conduct research, and create realistic animations.