Cricket Analysis

Qualisys’ Cricket Analysis can be used to study different aspects of the game such as batting and bowling. By analyzing a player’s movements in detail, coaches and players gain valuable insights into their technique, which can help them make adjustments to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

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Batting and Bowling Analysis

Examine both batting and bowling motions with the Cricket Analysis. The Automated Framework guides you through data collection and connects Qualisys Track Manager (QTM) directly with the Calqulus online processing engine to immediately produce a report analyzing the player’s form in 3D. With the click of a button, Calqulus processes the data in the cloud, biomechanical calculations are performed, and an online report is automatically generated. The end report includes variables such as stride length, pelvis-shoulder separation, elbow flexion, wrist cocking angle, and others.

Sports marker set for biomechanics

The skeleton solver in QTM supports our Sports marker set, which gives you the ability to calculate and plot joint angles as well as getting in-depth reports using our sport modules.

Calqulus cloud-based processing

Calqulus allows you to streamline the process of capturing and analyzing 3D motion data by offering a smooth workflow directly from recording to web reports.

Interactive web reports

Generate an online report with all relevant results and findings. Annotate, review video & 3D and share via private link.

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Rather than relying on external software to process your data, the Calqulus engine performs all of the calculations in the cloud. Your processed data can then be viewed and shared from the online Report Center.

Calqulus is a one-stop-shop for all your desired sport analyses bundled into a single module, including sports such as Running, Cycling, Baseball and Cricket. With Calqulus, you can easily and quickly reprocess your data right in the cloud whenever you need it and wherever you are.

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A simplified analysis

The pre-defined Sports marker set and AIM model are included when the Calqulus module is installed so you can get started right away. Recordings are made through a guided panel in the QTM software, making data collection quick and easy.

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Web report

The Cricket Analysis includes an interactive web report for increased accessibility and easy sharing. Reports can be viewed with all major web browsers and any device.

The report contains basic parameters, video and a 3D visualization of the movement as well as more in-depth results in charts and tables.

Demo web reports can be seen here bowling & batting.

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Cricket Analysis technical specification

Capture mode Marker-based
Minimum number of cameras 8
Marker set Sport Marker Set
Report Web report
Analysis engine Calqulus
Forces No
Event modes Manual