Cameras for underwater motion capture

Qualisys underwater cameras are the world’s only commercially available optical motion capture cameras for underwater use.

Our underwater cameras are designed for mobility, robustness and trouble-free operation.

All cameras are pressure tested to a depth of 40m. Weight and volume are balanced to give the camera neutral buoyancy for easy handling in water.


The best in class camera for precise 3D measurements underwater.

The power of Arqus - Underwater mocap camera

Arqus Underwater is a robust, high resolution camera for long range measurements under water.

The Arqus Underwater is suitable for a wide range of applications including vessel design, naval research, fishing industry and sports science.

Front side Arqus underwater mocap camera from Qualisys, the only provider of underwater mocap

The camera’s strobe consists of 24 high power deep blue LEDs that can illuminate markers at more than 30 m distance (100 ft). The custom-designed housing is made of stainless steel / polycarbonate and has been pressure tested to 40 m depth (130 ft).

The powerful LEDs are thermally connected to the housing to get the most efficient cooling for best performance.

Key features

  • High speed underwater motion capture
  • Underwater video with full HD @ 85 fps1
  • Low latency for real-time applications
  • Resolution: 2, 4, 9 and 12 megapixels
  • IP68 housing pressure tested to 40 m (130 ft)
  • Integrated high-power LED strobe
  • Up to 30 m (100 ft) range1
  • Easily synchronized with external systems


The small and lightweight sibling is the perfect choice in confined spaces.

Underwater - feature photo

The go-to camera for underwater mocap in small spaces.

The Miqus Underwater motion capture camera is available as two marker camera models and as a pure video camera.

The Miqus Underwater is suitable for small tanks and pools where you are close to your subject, as made possible with its wide angle lens.

At just over 2 kg (5.5 lb), the Miqus is half the weight compared to the Arqus.

Available models

Miqus M3U
2 MP
340 fps
Miqus M5U
4 MP
180 fps
Miqus VideoU
Full HD
85 fps

Get reference video with Miqus Video Underwater

Get synchronized reference video, available in color and monochrome.

Miqus Video Underwater enables 3D video overlay as reference for your captures but can also be used as a standalone video solution.

The underwater camera bridges the gap between small, handheld consumer devices and more expensive cameras that are typically used in industrial settings.

The Miqus Underwater Video cameras stream MJPEG compressed full HD video in 85 fps via standard gigabit Ethernet.

The camera is built with the same durable camera body as the Miqus Underwater. It’s made of stainless steel and polycarbonate, making it withstand the test of time in tough underwater environments.

Underwater biomechanics swimming mocap with Qualisys underwater motion capture system

Underwater human motion

Qualisys underwater cameras have many use cases within underwater biomechanics such as lower body gait analysis or studying the kinematics of swimmers.

Combine Qualisys underwater cameras with our skeleton solving software to capture underwater motions performed by actors, to be used in games and film.

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Tracking marine vessels & structures

An underwater motion capture system is an essential tool in the development and testing of underwater vehicles and equipment. Examples of use include the tracking of free-running AUVs, underwater objects towed in a towing tank, mooring lines, fish net trawl doors and oil pipeline motions, just to mention a few.

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Combining above and underwater

By combining Qualisys groundbreaking underwater cameras with an above water camera system, in what is known as a ‘Twin system’ setup, above- and underwater movement can be merged together into a single capture.

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Qualisys Track Manager takes full advantage of the features of the camera, such as the ability to stream 6DOF data to 3rd party applications in real-time. Synchronization with external equipment is also possible.

1 Not available for all camera models.

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1 Dependent on capture water turbidity.