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Key running parameters

Parameters such as pelvis height, knee angles, elbow and wrist path and more are calculated. In total, over 15 key parameters are calculated and presented in the final report.

The Running module allows you to track the improvement of athlete over time by gathering all the calculated parameters in the powerful Qualisys web reporting platform.

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Go markerless

With the Running analysis module you can optionally use markerless capture – all within a single, streamlined workflow.

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Biomechanics using Visual3D

Visual3D is tightly integrated with the automation framework in QTM. It provides an extensive biomechanical toolbox and is used in almost all of our analysis modules.

Calqulus cloud-based processing

Calqulus allows you to streamline the process of capturing and analyzing 3D motion data by offering a smooth workflow directly from recording to web reports.

Running - feature photo

Kinetics with treadmill & overground running

The running module supports running with and without a treadmill (overground running), allowing maximum flexibility.

In addition, the module supports the use of force plates in both scenarios.

The Analysis module

An Analysis module is a special QTM project created with Project Automation Framework. A module contains all you need to get from data collection to a finished report in an easy and streamlined workflow.

Each analysis module is configured with a patient/subject metadata structure, a set of trials, analyses pipelines and report templates.

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Running web report

The Running module includes an interactive web report for increased accessibility and easy sharing. Reports can be viewed with all major web browsers and any device.

The report contains basic parameters, video and a 3D visualization of the movement as well as more in-depth results in charts and tables. You can review the running performance compared to reference data or compare with individual reports.

A demo report can be seen here.

Running - feature photo

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Running module technical specification

Capture mode Marker-based & markerless
Minimum number of cameras 8
Marker set Sports marker set
Report PDF (Visual3D) or web report
Analysis engine Visual3D or QBE (Qualisys Biomechanical Engine)
Running mode Treadmill, overground
Forces Yes (both force plates and instrumented treadmill)
Inclined treadmill Yes