Weatherproof hardware

Get superior results even in the most challenging environments.

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6DOF rigid bodies

Define, edit and stream rigid body data (6DOF) to third-party real-time applications.

How motion capture fits in your business

In some situations only parts of our solution is needed — for example — only cameras, only software or only specific algorithms. In these cases Qualisys can provide customized solutions that can be integrated into a product line or be a part of a bigger solution.

Our measurement technology provides accurate positional information both in 2D (a single camera) and in 3D and can be used as a 3D-coordinate generating subcomponent in a bigger system. For instance in a container crane anti-sway application the 2D-data from a single camera can be used in a closed control loop adjusting the crane head position based upon positional information from our camera system. This will enable container crane operation without an operator (fully automated cranes) and also optimized container sway inhibition yielding shorter container load/unload times.

Making 3D measurements in demanding conditions

In most OEM applications particular circumstances are at hand, for instance in the anti-sway application the environment is harsh, outdoors in a harbor in Alaska or in a harbor in the Middle East demanding weather protection and rugged products. We provide camera hardware that operates under these conditions.

Active marker support

Why using active markers on short distance when passive markers works much better? Distance more than +50 meters? Use the active long range markers to get perfect data.

Real-time SDK

Stream motion data over TCP/UDP to your application. Applications already integrated includes MATLAB, LabVIEW, MotionBuilder, WorldWiz, Visual3D, Motek-Caren and Max/MSP/Jitter.

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