Virtual Reality (VR) - feature photo

Unlimited possibilities in object tracking!

Track any object, with passive or active markers. We offer the market’s only system that can track both passive and active with the same system. Whether it comes to HMDs, weapons, controllers, or scene elements, we can accommodate your needs.

Dr Stephan Otto, co-founder of HolodeckVR is excited about the launch: “The vision of VR bumper cars has been in our heads for a long time, and our tests from last year showed what is possible,” he said. “Qualisys mocap technology was the missing piece in the jigsaw. With their support, Steampunk VR Scooters has become a reality and changed the traditional bumper cars experience forever.”

Virtual Reality (VR) - feature photo

Go for the best mocap solution on the market for your VR needs.

You want a system that can manage tracking a dozen players precisely and reliably, without drift and unnoticeable latency? Whether it is a few HMDs in a small room, or a dozen gamers battling it out in a large VR arcade – We are the right choice.

Our cameras give you almost endless possibilities for large VR environments and cave environments thanks to our 12MP resolution cameras and our wide angle lenses. Simply put – we can solve tracking wherever you want it.

Virtual Reality (VR) - feature photo

Flexibility towards third-party software

Qualisys’ Track Manager has integrations with the following software applications among others: Unity, Unreal, EON Reality and WorldWiz and of course you can integrate your Qualisys system with any other devices like eye trackers or gun props.

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Your preferred partner

We guarantee your satisfaction as a customer and we offer the markets premiere support solution. With offices in Chicago, Shanghai, Gothenburg – we are always there to help you.

Choosing Qualisys means that you can have direct dialogue with the engineers and developers of our system and Qualisys installation and support teams will back you up all the way.  Both teams are acknowledged by our users and you are not being dependent to the user forums or other dubious channels.