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Our technology has a natural place in the research community with hundreds of universities worldwide that use our systems. You can see the latest scientific publications from our customers here.

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Sports Research

To truly excel in today’s competitive sports environment, you need access to detailed knowledge of how the human body moves while performing the sport in question. Based on that knowledge, the performance of the individual athlete can be truly understood and optimized. Our sports modules are perfect tools that allow sports researchers to go from data capture to finished report in a matter of minutes.

The foundation of the analysis modules for sports is Qualisys’ leading marker-based motion capture technology. Its unparalleled precision and resolution is the result of 30 years of constant development in close cooperation with the global research and healthcare communities.

The sports modules are add-ons to our Qualisys Track Manager (QTM) software and they allow you to streamline your work flow by automating repetitive tasks. Just create a session and perform the measurements you want, using the simple and intuitive graphic interface. Then, once the session is finished, creating an online report based on the collected data is simply a matter of clicking a button. Our sports modules provide optimized marker sets and analysis work flows, catering for the unique reporting demands of each sport.

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Researchers with specific requirements also have the option of developing custom modules for their specific requirements.