Wind Power - feature photo

3D Tracking of gearbox movements

There are many different variables during operation that can lead to bearing failure. Wind pressure, vibration, and other external factors can all contribute to movement in the gearbox, leading to damage or loss of power.

Qualisys motion capture systems can be applied to practical deployment efficiently and cost-effectively. Qualisys provides real-time monitoring of gearbox performance in 3D to help operators determine risk factors and make immediate decisions.

The Qualisys system can capture real-time data of gearbox movements in all directions. The captured images help maintain optimized performance and reduce operational downtime.

Vibration measurement

Qualisys motion capture systems work for wind power measurement by placing cameras on the generator and pointing them at a cluster of markers on the gearbox.

  • Perfect fit for both inland and off-shore turbines
  • Easy and cost-effective solution
  • Determines risk factors for immediate feedback
  • 3D visualizations and real-time data
  • Easy "daisy chain” set-up
  • Operates in harsh conditions
Wind Power - feature photo

Blade deflection

The sheer size of the blades causes a great amount of pressure, with significant movement and bending in all directions as they have to withstand harsh external conditions and support their own weight.

Rigorous testing is therefore required to determine the resilience of the blades and how much pressure can they safely absorb. Qualisys motion capture systems are used to track the deflection in all directions.



Wind Power - feature photo

Our motion capture systems bring unprecedented precision tracking to large measurement volumes.

Weatherproof hardware

Get superior results even in the most challenging environments. We provide models with extra features resulting in excellent tracking when other hardware fail.

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6DOF rigid bodies

QTM allows you to define and edit rigid bodies easily. Once defined, the rigid bodies are automatically identified in real-time.

Rigid body data (6DOF) can also be streamed to third-party real-time applications.

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