Swimming - feature photo

Swimming performance

Use Qualisys underwater camera system to study every detail of the turn or combine an underwater system with an above water system to study all phases of the lap, including start, on-block, flight, above and underwater strokes.

Swimming - feature photo


With Qualisys underwater cameras, this possibility now also exists for in-water rehabilitation using underwater treadmills. The small and wide-angle Miqus cameras ensure precise data collection despite the shorter distances from pool walls to subject, which is common in rehab setups.

Swimming - feature photo

Underwater animation

Underwater tracking together with real-time skeleton solving capabilities, allows animators to record realistic underwater human or object motion. Track multiple subjects and stream 3D, 6DOF and skeletal data into 3rd party software such as MotionBuilder, Unity, Unreal and  iClone.

  • Above and underwater tracking
  • Track multiple subjects at once
  • Large volume coverage
  • Site license - no dongles
  • Real-time streaming of 3D data
  • Real-time skeleton tracking and streaming
  • IP68 housing pressure tested to 40m/130ft depth
  • Automatic Identification of Markers (AIM)
  • 3D video overlay
  • External hardware/software integration
Swimming - feature photo

Arqus Underwater

The Arqus camera is a robust, high resolution camera for long-range measurements. The camera’s strobe consists of 24 high power deep blue LEDs that can illuminate markers at more than 30m distance.

Swimming - feature photo

Miqus Underwater

At just over 2 kg (5.5 lb), the Miqus underwater is half the weight compared to the Arqus. It  is suitable for small tanks and pools where you are close to your subject, as made possible with its wide angle lens.

Synchronized underwater video

Use the  Miqus Underwater Video as a standalone video solution, or together with motion capture cameras to enable synchronized 3D video overlay as reference for your captures.

Thanks to the multi-camera synchronization of all Qualisys cameras and the embedded MJPEG compression in the Miqus underwater video cameras, it is simple to stream full HD color video at 85 fps from multiple cameras to an ordinary laptop.

Combining above and underwater

Combining our groundbreaking underwater cameras with a land-based camera system, over and underwater motion can be combined into a single motion capture.

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