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AMTI's biomechanics force platforms provide precision measurements for gait, balance, and sports applications.


+1 617-926-6700

+1 617-926-5045


Bertec is an internationally recognized designer, manufacturer, and marketer of research-grade and clinical force measurement technology.


+1 614 543-8099

+1 614 430-5425


Makers of Visual3D™the most advanced and powerful software package for visualizing and analyzing 3D motion capture data.


+1 301 540-5611

+1 301 540-5613


Cometa is a manufacturer of wireless, waterproof and miniaturized EMG and IMU sensors, ideal for biomechanics and both in-lab and outdoor applications.


+39 2 91410582

+39 1782794373


Delsys Inc. designs and manufactures EMG systems and custom EMG solutions of uncompromising quality for use in the disciplines of: Biomechanics, Ergonomics, Neuroscience, Sports Science, and Rehabilitation.


+1 508-545-8200

+1 508-975-4551


Professional Eye-tracking and data acquisition systems.





Established 1988 in Nussdorf-Traunstein (South of Germany) h/p/cosmos stands for convincing technology, advanced design, and safety in the production of running machines, treadmills, ladder-ergometers, sprint trainers (sprint ergometers), sports performance training and diagnostic systems as well as rehabilitation equipment.


+49 86 69 86 42 0

+ 49 86 69 86 42 49


Kistler offers pressure sensors, force sensors and accelerometers for applications of all kinds in research, development and manufacturing.


+41 52224 1111

+41 52 224 1414


The Manfrotto Group is a world leader in the design and manufacture of photographic and video camera supports, lighting supports and suspension equipment for professional photography, video, broadcast and cinematography.


+39 0424 555 855

+39 0424 808 999

Motek Medical

Motek is the global leader in virtual reality robotics for human movement research, gait-analysis, and rehabilitation, pioneering their technological advancement for over 20 years. Motek products and technologies can be found in the most forward-thinking research facilities, hospitals and clinics.
Motek excels in building versatile instrumented treadmill-, balance platform- and body


+31 20 301 3020

Motion Lab Systems

Motion Lab Systems Inc., created the first EMG system designed for multi-channel EMG gait analysis and research in 1990 and builds reliable and accurate EMG systems for clinical, biomechanics, gait, and research use including the TMS and fine-wire environments - resulting in our logo showing a child walking out of a lab.


+1 (225) 272-7364


Noraxon offers a full line of SEMG products, from a two channel handheld unit, data analysis and acquisition software, to an elaborate 32 channel telemetry system.


+1 480 443 3413

+1 480-371-2754

Smart Eye

Smart Eye AB was founded in 1999 to provide the market with a real-time and completely non-invasive eye, eyelid and head tracking technology for a wide range of situations - a new generation of Eye Tracking technology based on 3D measurements was born.


+46 (0)31 606160

+46 (0)31 7010515

Theia Markerless

Theia markerless is a motion tracking company focussed on high precision video-based human movement measurement.

Tobii Pro

Tobii is the leading provider of eye tracking research solutions and services designed to deepen the understanding of human behavior. Through eye tracking insights, business and science professionals are enabled to drive change and further their research.


+46 8 52 29 50 04


Treadmetrix offers gait analysis tools for performance assessment, rehabilitation, or biofeedback training. Treadmetrix instrumented treadmills provide force signals to the study of human locomotion during both walking and running.


+1 435 640 49 10