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Qualisys is proud to have taken a serious step into Entertainment Industry with our VFX and Animation solutions. With over 30 years of experience in motion capture within human biomechanics, we brought our mocap expertise to the entertainment sector to offer the best conditions for a smooth workflow for film, gaming and live broadcasting currently available.

Our solutions in animation allow for real-time solving of multiple characters, both human and animal, streamed straight into the game engine or animation software of your choice packages this with our self-developed mocap suits, active tracking devices for LBVR, and seamless integration with 3rd party animation and virtual production tools.

Couple this with the highest-performing motion capture camera platform on the market and its weatherproof capabilities, the Qualisys system will always operate where and when you need it to.


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Capturing animals in the same way as humans can introduce extra challenges, that is, unless you use a Qualisys motion capture system.

With Qualisys' advanced technology, you can push your animations to the next level and bring more magic into the art of animating characters.

Martin Holmberg VFX Product Manager Qualisys
Martin Holmberg

Qualisys 3D Tracking Features

  • Automatic Identification of Markers (AIM)
  • Large volume coverage
  • FBX Export
  • Animate multiple actors at once
  • Weatherproof hardware
  • Real-time streaming to 3rd party software
  • External hardware integration
  • Underwater animation

Multi-Actor Real-time Streaming

Create and solve multiple skeletons at one time, allowing for multi-actor real-time streaming to a chosen animation software or game engine.

Finger Solving Solutions

QTM has built in support for finger solving either as a stand-alone hand or part of a full body skeleton.

Solve Custom Skeletons with QTM

Create custom skeleton definitions to solve anything that can be represented as a segment hierarchy, such as humans or animals.

Behind the scenes at Goodbye Kansas

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Qualisys system allows Goodbye Kansas Studios to smoothly animate and convey the emotion of the actors for realistic film and game production.


“For GBK, it is super important that we have a company like Qualisys to support us in our mission of striving towards quality, quicker turnarounds, and make sure that the uptimes in the studio are as high as it can be.”

Anton Söderhäll
Executive Producer, Goodbye Kansas Studios


“I’m incredibly lucky to be part of these productions! As a freelance actor, I notice differences performing in front of each 3D system. With Qualisys, i feel like everything runs so smoothly and their suits are honestly one of the more comfortable mocap suits I’ve worked in!”

Nilla Hansson
Motion Capture Performer, Goodbye Kansas Studios

Real-time streaming to your preferred animation software

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QTM Connect for MotionBuilder

The Qualisys Skeleton Device handles streaming of skeleton segment transforms (6DOF) from QTM. Skeleton data is automatically characterized, to easily connect a streamed skeleton to a rigged character.

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QTM Connect for Unity

Animating characters is straight-forward with auto mapping between Unity’s Mecanim human bones and QTM segments. Just add the skeleton script, set the actor name of the QTM skeleton and press play.

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QTM Connect for Unreal

Add 3D marker positions to your actor components in Unreal Engine, or let rigid body position and orientation manipulate them. Mapping skeletons to a mesh is handled by Unreal Engine’s LiveLink plugin.

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QTM Connect for Maya

Receive your mocap data as joints or locators and animate characters or other types of objects. Since our joint naming convention works seamlessly with HumanIK, customization is extremely quick.

iClone Motion LIVE

Reallusion uses the Qualisys open-source SDK to integrate real-time skeleton streaming from Qualisys Track Manager. The skeleton data is automatically characterized to directly connect a streamed skeleton to any royalty-free, iClone or Character Creator 3 pre-rigged avatar.

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Weatherproof Motion Capture

Our protected camera models provide extra features resulting in excellent tracking in challenging environments. Whether it’s outdoor, underground, hot or cold our hardware has proven endurance.

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The only underwater option

Animating realistic movements underwater is made possible with the world’s only optical motion capture technology designed for making underwater captures. The system is pressure tested to a depth of 40 m and can be synchronized with external hardware.

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VFX Product Manager


Michael Kocourek
VFX Sales Manager


Jeffrey Thingvold
Sr. Application Engineer


Jean-Marc Fueri
Animation Specialist