Measuring equine locomotion

Within research, optical motion capture has long been considered the golden standard for measuring equine locomotion. Qualisys has expanded this technology to the clinical setting bringing objective lameness assessment to an entirely new level. 

With our tailor-made asymmetry analysis tool, QHorse, objective lameness analysis is quick, easy, and comprehensible. We know from years of research that specific asymmetries in horse locomotion during trot are related to weight-bearing lameness. 

QHorse calculates and visualizes these asymmetries easily and understandably as an objective complement to your subjective evaluation.

Equine lameness - feature photo
Equine lameness - feature photo

Placing markers

The horse is equipped with markers on the head, withers, and pelvis, which are detected by twenty cameras in the riding arena. On the straight line, as well as on the circle, the horse can be evaluated. Results are directly analyzed and seen on the screen in the arena.

The clusters are easily attached using double adhesive tape and do not disturb the normal movement pattern of the horse during the measurement.

System set up

Motion Capture cameras are used to cover the measured volume.

You can use it to trot the horse in a straight line and/or to cover a circular volume.
These two volumes can be used independently or in combination, whether the surface is soft or hard. 

Equine lameness - feature photo

Motion Capture advantages compared with IMU systems:

  • Highest precision/accuracy
  • Unlimited number of markers can be added
  • No charging of the system needed
  • Synchronized videos
Equine lameness - feature photo

The Motion capture system

The Arqus camera family includes models with protected housing that’s specifically built to withstand any type of weather it may encounter. Designed to be natively waterproof and dustproof, and with an extended temperature range, the camera will operate where you need it to.

Synchronized videos make it possible to do:

  • Data quality check
  • Multi-day evaluations
  • Multi-vet evaluations
  • Communication/documentation of cases – in addition to 3D data

It’s an investment, but the system helps to get a faster diagnosis because you can verify motion immediately. It is the best aid during my 30 years as a veterinarian. The cameras document what the eye does not see, and an objective scientific assessment is obtained. It’s a huge help and it helps me as a veterinarian to think and see new critical eyes.

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Lotta Månsson

When the horse returns for reassessment, the results are compared to pre-treatment data. Subjective measurements can be combined with objective measurements by the Qualisys system, which makes it much easier to compare trials of a horse over time.

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Dr Jan-Hein Swagemakers

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