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Interact and interpret your data

Our reports contain charts, metrics, video and a 3D viewer. Playback is synchronized and a time indicator in the charts help you know exactly which part of a movement you are looking at.

Interactively explore or present your data: Switch charts to display mean curves or all movement cycles, overlay left and right body side to check symmetry or select/de-select trials – the algorithms that are built into the report ensure that all data you see is up-to-date and re-calculated as required.

Online reporting - feature photo

Report Center

Log in to your organization’s Report Center to search, view, edit and share your reports. See revision history and which reports include comparisons to previous sessions.

Online reporting - feature photo

Cloud Biomechanics

Calqulus is Qualisys’ unique online processing engine that provides all of the calculations for data capture, analysis, and reporting in the cloud with no additional software required for processing. Not only does this save time and money, but it is also incredibly reliable and secure.

It offers a range of pre-made, open-source pipelines – a one-stop-shop for all your desired sport analyses bundled into a single module, including Running, Cycling, Baseball, Cricket, and a generic pipeline to calculate basic joint angles. Collect in QTM using the Qualisys Sports Markerset and process with the click of a button. Note that Calqulus processing offers kinematic results only. Processed data can then be viewed and shared from the online Report Center.

With Calqulus, data can also undergo cloud-based processing, enabling users to reprocess their data and reports from anywhere with an internet connection.


Secure storage

Your data is stored on servers complying to major security frameworks (ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR). Protected health information and personal information are encrypted both at rest and in transit. And certainly, we will never give your data to a third-party.


Reports can be viewed with all major web browsers, no matter if you are using PC, Mac, Linux or mobile devices. No need for you, your collaborators or customers to install software or to have Administrator rights on the device.

Import C3D files with CGM data (Conventional Gait Model)

Create web reports from pre-processed CGM data by importing C3D files. The workflow is vendor-agnostic – i.e., a C3D file can be imported as long as it contains the result of CGM processing.

Simply drag and drop one or more C3D files to generate a report.

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Online reporting - feature photo


Use any compatible analysis module to upload data with one mouse click. Reports are viewed via your web browser, so collaborators do not need to install any software when you share a report with them. Available modules include Gait, Running, Baseball, Golf, Functional Assessment, Cycling, and the Calqulus Module.

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Interactive report

Toggle between showing means or all curves to see your client’s consistency. Check symmetry by overlaying left and right charts and select/de-select trials – the reports update on the fly.

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Export to PDF

Export to PDF for printing or archiving in your own record system. Choose between A4 and Letter size.

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View synchronized data

See charts, video and the 3D visualization in one place and in sync during playback. Enable “playheads” to highlight the current position in all your charts.

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Annotate data

Use annotations to highlight features in any of the charts, then group them and add your advice. Or simply type text into a comments box – your comments will be saved directly in the report.

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Compare sessions

Compare up to four existing sessions in a comparison report. This is commonly used for pre-/post-intervention comparisons or to compare different people.

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Share reports

Sharing reports is as simple as generating a secure link. Copy this link into an email or any other type of message to share it with collaborators or your client.

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Custom reference data

Select any set of web reports in the Report Center to create your own reference data sets directly in the cloud.


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Report Center search

Filter by ID, name or other fields to enhance your search results in Report Center.


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Expand graphs

“Pop out” any of the charts to take a closer look at the data.










Report Storage 1 10 100 1000 10000
User Accounts 1 5 10 20
Calqulus Engine + + + +
Calqulus Reports Starter Package2 + + + +
PDF Export + + +
Single Sign-on3 +
Data Center Location3 +


1 It is possible to free up storage by deleting reports.
2 Includes Baseball, Cricket, Cycling, Generic, and Running reports
3 Coming soon