Supported IMU Manufacturers

  • Xsens
  • Cometa/Myon
  • Delsys
  • Noraxon

Export .TSV

Export 3D/6DOF/force/analog data to tab separated value files, for analysis in for example Microsoft Excel.

MATLAB & LabVIEW export

Export 3D/6DOF/force/analog data to MATLAB and LabVIEW for further analysis.

IMUs - feature photo

By combining data from Qualisys optical motion capture systems with data from IMUs, it is possible to harness the strength from both systems and capture data in scenarios where line-of-sight to cameras can be an issue.

IMU Comparison

Hardware Sync + + + +
QTM Integration + + +
Digital Integration + + +
EMG option available + + +

Watch to learn how to integrate

Want to know more about IMU integrations?

For more information on Qualisys’ IMU integration capabilities, contact our sales or support staff by clicking the link below. Alternatively, read more about Delsys, Noraxon, Cometa/Myon, and Xsens by visiting their websites.

Delsys website     Cometa/Myon website      Noraxon website    Xsens website

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