MRI - feature photo

Custom camera housing

Although most modern MRI scanners have a very rapid drop off in magnetic field strength close to the scanner itself, materials used inside an MRI room should be non-magnetic to the greatest extent possible. Qualisys MRI compatible camera is purpose-built and differs from a regular motion capture camera through shielding and the selection of materials.

The housing is made of die-casted aluminium, steel fasteners are replaced by brass screws and the calibration L-frame and wand is made from glass fiber. The camera is completely shielded to keep electro magnetic emissions to a minimum and enabling cameras to operate just a meter away from the scanner without causing artifacts in the MRI image.

Key features

  • Electromagnetically shielded
  • MRI shielded cables and connections
  • MRI compatible calibration kit
  • Sensor resolution: 0.3, 1.3, 4 and 12 megapixels
  • Customized mounting solutions
MRI - feature photo

Measurement setups

A minimal camera system of only three cameras can be sufficient to track hand and finger movements outside the scanner bore. A larger six camera system can provide the possibility to look into the bore and even track the movements of the head during a scan.