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The only privately owned ice model testing facility in the world

Aker Arctic Technology Inc is an independent company specializing in development, design, engineering, consulting and testing services for ice-going vessels, icebreakers, offshore marine structures, marine transport solutions and ports.

Aker Arctic’s past references include 60% of all the world’s icebreakers, many Arctic or Antarctic research vessels, and a large variety of cargo vessels and concepts for offshore structures. In addition to the design work, Aker Arctic has performed hundreds of model-scale and full-size tests and also produced hundreds of reports and studies of operating and transporting goods from the Arctic environment in various challenging locations. A portfolio of ice-going ship designs is available both for ship-owners and shipyards.

Aker Arctic and Qualisys

Aker Arctic operates a special test facility in Helsinki – the only privately owned ice model testing facility in the world. Ice model testing gives crucial information about the performance and the operational capabilities of the ice-going vessels and structures. Aker Arctic uses Qualisys Oqus cameras to track the position and motions of the models in order have precise test results in the difficult environmental conditions of the ice model basin.

In addition, the 6-DOF data of the model acquired by the Oqus camera system can be used to emulate real-time GPS and gyrocompass signals in model scale in order to provide a position and attitude reference. A control computer then uses these signals to automatically adjust the propulsion of the model for a desired reaction. This is essential for example in dynamic positioning tests.