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Gilles Jobin


Lisa MacFadden


Jose Heredia Jimenez


Stéphane Armand

Award ceremony


2023 The award was given to Gilles Jobin  as the fourth recipient of the Qualisys Motion Capture Ambassador Award. The prize was handed out by Patrik Almstrom – Qualisys

Studio 44 Mocap Lab is equipped for motion capture and digital creation, simultaneously structured as a resource center for motion capture and digital technology for the performing arts.


To nominate a person that fulfills the criteria, please submit this form,
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Mocap Ambassador Award - feature photo

Assessment criteria and personality for an award winner:

– The person is driving, energetic, and responsible for contact building and networking.

– The person is taking the lead in relationship-promoting and knowledge-sharing activities, recurring contacts, and linking stakeholders with each other.

– The person is active within the Motion Capture network.  

The recipient of the Motion Capture Ambassador Award – in memory of Mats Kanarbik 2024 will be announced on this page on March 9, 2024.

The award constitutes EUR 1000, a Certificate of Achievement and a small Swedish piece of glass art from the famous Swedish glass artists Bertil Vallien.