Mocap Ambassador Award - feature photo

Congratulations to Mr. Gilles Jobin

Gilles Jobin is a contemporary dance choreographer based in Geneva. He has created groundbreaking pieces, touring internationally since 1995.

Gilles Jobin combines contemporary dance and imaging technologies and is recognized as a leading creative force in the XR world. In 2015, he received the Swiss Grand Award for Dance and in 2022 Best use of Technology at Filmgate Interactive festival in Miami.

The motivation is as follows:

With his creative team and dancers, Gilles Jobin focuses on technology and innovation for real time performances at a distance by creating multiple groundbreaking projects such as La Comédie Virtuelle Live Show, a multi-user VR piece, and Cosmogony – a dance piece motion captured live in the company’s studio and streamed in real-time across the globe.

Recognized as a leading creative force in the XR world he is regularly invited as a guest lecturer. His Studio 44 Mocap Lab is equipped for motion capture and digital creation, simultaneously structured as a resource center for motion capture and digital technology for the performing arts.

Mocap Ambassador Award - feature photo
Mocap Ambassador Award - feature photo


To honor Mats Kanarbik and continue the mission he was so dedicated to, Qualisys has established the Qualisys Motion Capture Ambassador Award – in memory of Mats Kanarbik, which will be annually granted to a candidate exhibiting outstanding leadership in the networking and expansion of motion capture values.  Anyone can nominate a friend, colleague or competitor in the world of motion capture working in that spirit.

The award constitutes 10 000 SEK, Certificate of Achievement and a small Swedish glass art piece.

The award will be handed over in person later this year. See the Previous recipients here