Qualisys Track Manager

User friendly mocap software

All your reports. Safe in the cloud.

Create the most compelling reports from your motion capture data with Qualisys online reporting platform.

The platform makes it easy to annotate, compare, interact and collaborate around your data.

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Ready-to-use modules for your favorite sport.

Experience the best way to screen and evaluate athletes. Our sport modules let you go from data capture to a finished report in no time.

We have modules for
Gait, Baseball, Cycling, Running, Golf and Functional Assessment

The most versatile gait analysis solution.

Qualisys Clinical System provides a streamlined gait analysis workflow that supports a wide range of configurations and third-party hardware.

Use marker sets like IOR, CAST/6DOF and CGM2 with advanced foot models like Oxford & Rizolli or use video only for quick sessions that don’t require putting on markers.

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Markerless motion capture software.

Go markerless by processing your Qualisys video captures with Theia and Captury Live.

Integrating with Qualisys software

Our software integrates with a wide range of software tools and hardware. Check out our Integrations page for more information about existing integrations.

Are you looking for ways to customize or integrate with our software? Check out our Real-time SDK and Project Automation Framework.

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Qualisys love open source

We are happy to be part of the open source community and we are big believers of the power of sharing.

Check out our GitHub account for more information about our open source projects.