Biomechanics using Visual3D

Visual3D is tightly integrated with the automation framework in QTM. It provides an extensive biomechanical toolbox and is used in almost all of our analysis modules.

Automatic Identification of Markers (AIM)

Easily identify markers regardless of marker set. Just define your model, feed it with sample motion data and you are ready to go.

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Why use motion capture?

Consider clubhead speeds well beyond 100 mph and contact times between golf club and ball of less than 0.5 ms for a drive, and you realize that motion capture systems for golf need to be fast, too. With frame rates of up to 1100 Hz at full field of view with the  7+ camera, Qualisys offers just that.

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Accurate tracking – indoors and outdoors

Traditionally, golf motion capture has been restricted to indoor labs with artificial turf and no natural light. Use the Active Filtering and Sun filter feature supported by many of our cameras, and escape the lab to move the analysis outdoors.

Interactive web reports

Generate an online report with all relevant results and findings. Create a private link to share the report.

Weatherproof hardware

Get superior results even in the most challenging environments.

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Streamlined Analysis module or full flexibility for research

We will help you to find the solutions for your specific application, for example, to track the club only at the highest speed, or opt for one of our Analysis Modules, a proven and streamlined solution for biomechanical golf analysis.

Learn how Penn State are improving golf performance

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Analysis Module

If you choose the Golf module, it includes everything that you need to perform biomechanical golf analysis, whether it is for research, education or as a business for paying clients.

We teamed up with partners such as Penn State’s Professional Golf Management program to generate the output variables that golfers and coaches are looking for while maintaining scientific rigour in all calculations.

The Golf module comes with pre-defined marker sets and comprehensive documentation so that you can get started quickly

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Web report

The Golf module includes an interactive web report for increased accessibility and easy sharing. Reports can be viewed with all major web browsers and any device.

The report contains basic parameters, video and a 3D visualization of the movement as well as more in-depth results in charts and tables.

A demo report can be seen here.

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A flexible system for your research project

Qualisys camera systems integrates seamlessly with many other systems, including force plates, EMG and eye-trackers, offering endless possibilities for your projects. Use our automatic labeling mechanism, AIM, to process the data that you need quickly and efficiently.

You can export via c3d, text or MATLAB files for further analysis.

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