Active Traqr - feature photo

The power of Active

The Traqr is plated with four active markers. Active targets emit light, rather than reflect light, allowing tracking of 100+ targets without the need for unique marker patterns. Sequence coding of the individual markers enables the system to distinguish them from each other, resulting in stable and trouble-free target identification.

The Active Traqr includes a screw mount and a rechargeable battery that runs 20 hours on a single charge. Charge with a standard USB-C charger (not included).

Active Traqr - feature photo

Mount on anything
Our wide range of mounting accessories allows for easy attachment to almost any object.

Naked Traqr
Track any object with the barebone version of the Traqr – a circuit board that can be embedded into objects and props.

Full body skeleton solving in QTM
Traqr is seamlessly integrated into QTM and provides full body tracking using end-effector skeleton solving.

HMD tracking
The HMD clip-on with active tracking technology built in provides effortless head tracking.

Perfecting VR
Take advantage of the full Traqr ecosystem that provides all the components you need for your (LB)VR project.

Impressive performance
Traqr enables you to track 185 objects at up to 500 fps.

Active Traqr - feature photo

Range 35 m (115 ft) with Arqus A12
16 m (52 ft) with Miqus M3
Battery time 20 hours @ 100 fps continuous measurement
Charging time 2 hours
Connector USB-C
LEDs 4 wide angle, NIR LEDs with diffusion
Sequence coded LEDs 0 – 4
Synchronization Optical
Maximum frequency 500 Hz
Number of Traqrs supported 185
Material Polyamide, silicone rubber
Dimensions 70 × 85 × 21 mm (3.75 × 3.35 × 0.85 in)
Weight 70 g (2.5 oz)
Operating temperature range 0 –50 °C (32 – 122 °F)