Class 1m Medical Device

  • Qualisys Clinical System is a Class 1m Medical Device
  • Includes cameras, software and compatible external hardware
  • Ensures regulatory compliance for your whole system


  • Save time with automatically identified markers
  • Easily identify markers regardless of marker set
  • Define your own AIM Models

Biomechanics using Visual3D

  • Fully integrated with the most advanced 3D biomechanical toolbox
  • Research validated calculations
  • Real-time streaming from QTM

3D video overlay

  • Gives valuable visual feedback
  • See force & gaze vectors
  • Visual aid when working with 3D data

What is included in the Clinical System?

The Qualisys Clinical System is a subset of our hardware and software that has been specifically tested for use in a clinical environment. Don’t worry – this subset is broad enough to find the right system that fits your needs. It is even possible to include selected external hardware. When it is listed as compatible with the Clinical System, the external equipment becomes a part of a single Medical Device that you can safely use in a clinical environment.

We understand that there is not a single marker set that fits the specific needs and preferences of all gait labs. That is why the Clinical Gait PAF Module includes  different marker sets, all of which have a proven record of being used in well-established gait labs.

• CAST/6DOF (Cappozzo et al. 1995)
• IOR (Leardini et al. 2007)
• Conventional Gait Model
• Oxford Foot Model (Stebbins et al. 2006)
• Rizzoli Foot Model (Leardini et al. 2007)

How to choose the correct gait solution

Qualisys offers gait solutions for research and clinical users. If you are measuring on patients for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment assessments, or monitoring, the the Qualisys Clinical System is the right choice. The Qualisys Clinical System (QCS) is a medical device with European Class Im CE marking and has been cleared by the FDA for clinical use in the U.S..

If you are a research user, the modules presented on this page are best suited.


The core of the Qualisys Clinical System is the PAF Clinical Gait Analysis module. This is where you manage patient data, collect data and process it. Both the CAST (Cappozzo et al. 1995) and Leardini (Leardini et al. 2007) marker sets are supported. Guidance for marker placement is available in our marker guide with reference to a comprehensive palpation manual (van Sint Jan 2007).

The clinical software provides action triggers to other components of the system, thereby avoiding manual steps, ensuring a controlled process is followed and minimising the risk for errors.

Reference labs


Depending on your needs, you can include different models of Qualisys cameras in the Clinical System. With this range of cameras, you can be sure to find the right solution depending on room size and needs (e.g. for tracking small foot markers).

For camera mounting, we recommend a rail system. Dedicated mounting brackets are available for the FlexLink mounting system. Alternative solutions such as tripods or other rails are also available, but open cables or cameras that can easily be touched by patients must be avoided.


Force plates measure ground reaction forces and provide the input to calculate joint moments and powers. The Clinical System is compatible with force plates from Kistler, AMTI and Bertec. Contact us for more details.


Need to measure muscle activity simultaneously with gait analysis? Simply include a Noraxon DTS or Delsys Trigno EMG system in your setup. All data will be collected within the QTM software, stored in a single file and automatically processed along with the motion capture data.

Force plates


With the click of a button, a Word or interactive web report is populated with the gait analysis results. The report is based on a template prepared by Baker, McGinley and Thomason for a workshop on Impairment focused interpretation at the JEGM meeting, Miami, 2010.

Download example interactive report

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