Class 1m Medical Device

Qualisys Clinical System is a Class 1m Medical Device and ensures regulatory compliance for your whole system.

Biomechanics using Visual3D

Visual3D is tightly integrated with the automation framework in QTM. It provides an extensive biomechanical toolbox and is used in almost all of our analysis modules.

3D video overlay

Get 3D video overlay on your reference video. Video overlay works with any Qualisys video camera that’s been calibrated with the mocap system.

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Choosing the right mocap system for your gait lab

Qualisys offers gait solutions for research and clinical users. If you are measuring on patients for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment assessments, or monitoring, the Qualisys Clinical System is the right choice. If you are a research user, the modules presented on this page are best suited.

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What is included in the Qualisys Clinical System?

The Qualisys Clinical System is a subset of our hardware and software that has been specifically tested for clinical use. Don’t worry – this subset is broad enough to find the right system that fits your needs. The Qualisys Clinical System (QCS) is a medical device with European Class Im CE marking and has been cleared by the FDA for clinical use in the U.S..

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Marker sets

We understand that there is not a single marker set that fits the specific needs and preferences of all gait labs. That is why the Clinical Gait PAF Module includes different marker sets, all of which have a proven record of being used in well-established gait labs. Take a look here for full details and references.

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Tailor-made workflows for gait analysis

The core of the Qualisys Clinical System is the PAF Clinical Gait Analysis module. This is where you manage patient data, collect data and process it. The clinical software controls all components of the system to reduce manual steps and to minimize the risk for errors.

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Motion Capture Cameras

With our range of motion capture cameras, you can be sure to find the right fit for your room size and needs (e.g. small markers in multi-segment foot models). Our experts will assist you to find the best camera setup and mounting options to ensure data of the highest quality.

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External hardware

A range of major force plates and EMG systems is compatible with the Qualisys Clinical System. Compatible external equipment becomes a part of a single Medical Device that you can safely use in a clinical environment. A detailed list of compatible devices can be found here (page 4).

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With the click of a button, a Word or interactive web report is populated with the gait analysis results. The report is based on a template prepared by Baker, McGinley and Thomason for a workshop on Impairment focused interpretation at the JEGM meeting, Miami, 2010.

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