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The Oqus family

All cameras in the Oqus family are designed to capture accurate motion capture data with very low latency. All Oqus cameras work with both passive and active markers.

The all-new Oqus 6+ will cover your needs in even more situations and is the most cost-effective camera for qualitative outdoor mocap.

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What are you looking for?

Select from numerous field of views, resolutions and frame rates.
Enjoy calibrated high-speed video and full-FOV mocap frame rates up to 1660 fps.

High-speed motion capture & high speed video
Long distance tracking
Optimal for outdoor capture
Water resistant
Low latency for real-time applications

A perfect match

Run our system seamlessly with third-party equipment.

  • Video cameras
  • EMG
  • Force plates
  • Eye tracking
  • Open Sound Control
  • External Software Plugins
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Camera selection guide

High-speed sensor mode gives increased frame rate without sacrificing field-of-view.
The new Oqus 6+ is able to capture at 1660 fps, with full FOV and a sensor resolution of 1536 × 992.

Oqus 5+Oqus 6+Oqus 7+
Normal mode (full FOV)4 MP 180 fps6 MP 450 fps12 MP 300 fps
High speed mode (full FOV)1 MP 360 fps1.5 MP 1660 fps3 MP 1100 fps
Max frame rate fps (reduced FOV)10 00010 000 10 000
Max capture distance (16 mm marker)2532+ 35
High speed videoYes NoNo
Outdoor capabilitiesYesYesYes
Sun filter optionNoYes Yes
Motorized lens controlNoNoYes
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Need reassurance?

According to our latest customer survey,
96% of our customers would recommend us to others.

PhD Uwe G. Kersting Aalborg University
“Having done numerous out-of-the-lab measurements with Qualisys, outdoors and indoors, I am fascinated by the resolution of the Oqus 7 cameras. Tracking worked immediately such that we could show the 3D animations to the players shortly after the recordings. This offers incredible opportunities for athlete feedback. I am looking forward to our next off-campus testing session.”
Technical Manager Witold Pawlus Norwegian Motion Laboratory
“The Norwegian Motion Laboratory has a world-class infrastructure for carrying out R&D work in the fields of motion compensation and, in general, marine applications. The motion capture system delivered by Qualisys has become a cornerstone for accurate and reliable measurements which are crucial to meet the needs of our customers and go beyond the state-of-the-art solutions.”
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Software news

New possibilities in QTM 2.17

Streamline your data collection using Project Automation Framework.

Examples are available on our GitHub page.

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