If you missed any of the Qualisys Sessions during the the ISB 2021 Virtual Event from July 26, 2021 to July 29, 2021, you can watch recordings here.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the event!


Session I

In this first session, our partners Delsys and AMTI join us to demonstrate a fully integrated, digital workflow to generate a Functional Assessment report.

Background: Our software, QTM, supports a range of force plates and EMG systems which enables force data and EMG capture along with the motion capture. The data is presented in our online report that contains graphs, metrics, video, and a 3D visualization. The interactive report is easy to use, all data are synchronized, and the different sessions can be compared easily.

Objective Functional Assessment with Qualisys, Delsys and AMTI

Session II

Delsys joins Qualisys to demonstrate the latest EMG and Motion Capture innovations, using Delsys Quattro sensors and Arqus A26 cameras to perform an analysis of jaw movement
Background: Our software, QTM support Delsys Quattro digital integration which enables EMG data capture along with the motion capture. During the session, we present our integration together with the Delsys team and do a live demo.

Innovative Analysis of Jaw Movement | with Qualisys and Delsys

Session III

In session 3, we focus on how Qualisys markerless processing workflows integrate Theia software and review the state of validation studies.
Background: Calibrate and capture in Qualisys Track Manager (QTM) using Miqus Hybrid and Miqus Video cameras, while the Theia software tracks and post-processes the data. The end result is exported to Visual 3D for further analysis and reporting. Theia has intelligent joint detection and labeling, multi-subject tracking and identification, as well as automatic model creation. See the entire workflow here.

Markerless workflow: A hands-on session | with Qualisys and Theia

Session IV

h/p/cosmos and Noraxon join Qualisys to demonstrate how to create a fully integrated, digital workflow to analyze locomotion on an instrumented treadmill.
The session was streamed live from German Sport University, Cologne.

Fully Integrated Movement Assessment with Qualisys, Noraxon and h/p/cosmos