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A new way of “Traqing” movement


Active Traqr

The compact and lightweight Active Traqr holds active markers for automatic identification.

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Passive Traqr

The Passive Traqr provides a versatile way of creating and using passive rigid bodies.

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Naked Traqr

Turn any object into an Active Traqr by embedding the Naked Traqr into your objects.

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Automatic Identification

The Active Traqr

The Active Traqr provides positional and orientational data in real-time. Its markers emit light, rather than reflect light, allowing tracking of 100+ targets without the need for unique marker patterns. Sequence coding of the individual markers enables the system to distinguish them from each other, resulting in stable and trouble-free target identification.

Countless configurations

The Passive Traqr

Use unique marker patterns by combining marker rods
of 4 different lengths in 13 different positions.


Part Specifications
Base Diameter: 53mm/2″, 13 M4 mounting points
Rods 4 lengths: 12mm, 26mm, 35mm, 63mm / 0.5″, 1”, 1.5″, 2.5″
Mounting Bayonet, compatible with Active Traqr. Screw mount included. Strap mount available.
Rod thread 2x M4 male. Compatible with Qualisys 12, 14, 16 and 19mm super spherical markers.
Material PC ABS GF 30
Weight 26g / 0.9 oz
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Embedded Tracking for objects and props

The Naked Traqr

The Naked Traqr works just like the Active Traqr with the added benefit that you can insert it into the object of your chosing. It works with up to eight sequence coded active markers and is optically synced to the camera system and can be powered by battery or USB. The cables and LEDs are delivered unassembled for easy customization.

Turn any object into a Traqed object

The Naked Traqr’s small size and high degree of configurability makes it easy to integrate into objects and props. Embed it into drones to make swarm tracking harmonious and straight forward.

Your LBVR Solution

The Traqrs can be used for full-body end-effector skeleton solving in QTM, applied for human body tracking in free-roam location-based virtual reality (LBVR). Attach the Traqr to hands, feet, pelvis, and head. QTM will solve the skeleton and stream it to a game engine or animation software of your choice

Thursday December 10


Join our webinar featuring the Traqrs!

On December 10, our CTO and Entertainment Product Manager will unbox each Traqr product and introduce you to the components, specifications, and practical use of each.

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Real-time 6DOF tracking and streaming
Tracked by any Qualisys mocap camera
Precise 6DOF tracking
Small and lightweight
Low latency for real-time applications
Silent Operation
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