The most accurate Miqus yet

Better range. Better accuracy.

With the M5, users will experience the same powerful and nimble camera, but with a resolution of 4 MP, making it the best camera in its class.

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Top features

With great features comes great opportunity

The Miqus family has all you need for your next project.

High-speed motion capture
Silent operation
Daisy chaining
Suitable for sport research
Low latency for real-time applications
Small & lightweight
Human Biomechanics

A scientific solution

Get biomechanically-relevant motion capture data through easy and simple workflows. Integrate with force plates, EMGs or eye-trackers for synchronized kinematic captures and real-time feedback. QTM Software allows for easy metadata management and report generation.

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Camera selection guide


MIqus M1 Miqus M3 Miqus M5
Normal mode (full FOV)1 MP – 250 fps2 MP – 340 fps4 MP – 180 fps
High speed mode (full FOV)N/A0.5 MP – 650 fps1 MP – 360 fps
Camera latency2.9 ms2.9 ms5.5 ms
Max capture distance (16 mm marker)101518
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Miqus Mocap = Fun

Why not use the Miqus to create free-roaming VR experiences. Track dozens of players precisely and reliably, without drift and unnoticeable latency. Perfect in VR experiences to create free-roaming and immersive scenarios.

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Choose Miqus for sport

Our software lets you analyse data in your software of choice. Or, you can take advantage of our predefined sports modules or even write your own modules. Our modules include Running, Cycling, Golf and Baseball.


Need reassurance?

Two of our long term customers let you know why they choose Miqus.

Nienke Cusell, PR & Hospitality Manager De VR Arcade Amsterdam
“Qualisys’ combination of a tried and tested motion capture system with a ready-to-use Unity3D plugin meant that we could have a working solution without building a complicated custom system. We had our game working with the Qualisys system in no time and the performance is incredible!”
Rob Confessore, Clinical Exercise Physiologist Summit Medical Fitness Center
“We are about to roll out a complete array of athletic performance and biomechanical analysis service packages… at the heart of these services will be our Cardiopulmonary Testing and Qualisys Motion Analysis equipment platforms.”
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Software release

Refine your workflow with QTM 2.17

Streamline your data collection using Project Automation Framework. Examples are available on our GitHub page.

Integrate with various third-party devices & software, including, but not limited to: Motion Builder, Unity, Unreal Engine and devices like force plates, EMG, eye trackers and gun props.