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Sports motion analysis software

For sports motion analysis, Qualisys QTM software is the basic tool. In combination with our modules available for Running, Cycling, Golf, and Baseball, you can isolate problem areas and pick up small nuances. Parameters such as pelvis height, knee angles, elbow and wrist path, and more are calculated and presented in the final report.

The Sports marker set is a full-body marker set with 41 dynamic markers and 2 static markers. The Sports marker set is also supported by the Running, Cycling, Golf, and Baseball modules.

But also for other sports, it is possible to track motion even underwater. Contact us to learn more.


Sports - feature photo

Qualisys Motion Capture Cameras  – Great for the great outdoors

The weather protection, combined with its high-power strobe alongside the embedded Active filtering technology and the Sun filter, allows the camera to distinguish markers from the background even in the brightest sunshine.

Helene Ripa, a great athlete with an unparalleled winning mentality

Helene Ripa is competing in the Paralympics 2021 in Tokyo. We met her at Bosön training center in Sweden to talk about her journey.

Want to know more?

To learn more about Qualisys Sport Modules and other solutions we offer, please get in touch with us.

Sports - feature photo

Objective information and reports

Motion capture cameras are set up around the athlete. They record the 3D position of reflective markers placed on the athlete’s body. For many sports, we have developed Modules.  The Module includes a processing pipeline for each task to get all relevant parameters with a button click.