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Quantitative gait analysis

The Clinical Gait Lab Antwerp –set up more than 10 years ago- is situated in a rehabilitation center for disabled children. In our laboratory we focus on children with cerebral palsy aged 2 years up to adolescence.

  • Software

    • QTM
    • Visual3D
  • Other equipment

      • 3 AMTI force plates
      • 1 8-channel MEGA 6000 wireless EMG
      • 2 Sony HD cameras
      • 2 Basler High speed cameras
      • 8 Pro Reflex MCU 240 cameras
The Clinical Gait Lab Antwerp - feature photo

Objectivation of the pathological gait, as well as clinical assessment, gives evidence for therapeutic interventions at the right moment: botulinum toxin infiltration, surgery, orthosis, physical therapy.

Quantitative gait analysis documents the outcome of these interventions and helps us to improve treatment in the future. Adequate treatment helps children with cerebral palsy to maintain mobility and develop motor skills to the full. Prevention and limitation of complications that come with cerebral palsy is also an important topic. Gait analysis helps to achieve these goals.



Our challenge is to get high quality 3D data even in very young children. This requires a lot of patience , flexibility and professionality. That makes that “sometimes they come in crying, but they always go out laughing.

Sophie Timmermans