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Clinical-biomechanical movement analyses

Analyz3d by Dr. Tobias Hein offers clinical-biomechanical movement analyses, consulting for scientific research projects as well as seminars and lectures.

The Analyz3d – Running Analysis Concept combines clinical-functional testing methods and 2D/3D movement analyses of the whole locomotor system. Deficits or asymmetries in joint flexibility, muscular mobility & strength as well as in individual running style can be detected.

Based on the test results, individual training recommendations are created in order to minimize the risk of generating injuries, to improve running technique and to increase the individual performance ability. During the upcoming years, biomechanical movement analyses within biking and golf will be implemented in the company’s portfolio.

  • Cameras

    • 8 x Oqus 3+
    • 2 x Oqus Video
  • Software

    • QTM
    • Running (module)
  • Other equipment

      • Lode treadmill Valiant Sport 2
  • Links

The Project Automated Framework (QBE running engine) with the online web report is a perfect opportunity to make the complex results comprehensible for the athletes.

Furthermore, the possibility of being able to switch between the 3D marker mode and the 2D video mode leads to a perfect usage of the camera system.

Dr. Hein believes that 2D high speed video analyses helps athletes understand the individual deficits within the own biomechanics of the locomotor system. Add in the 3D component paired with Qualisys web reporting features such as the 3D videos, explanations and pictures included in the web report, and the possibility to create individual training plans with videos, he is able to offer a perfect clinical-biomechanical running analysis.

Analyz3d By Dr Tobias Hein - feature photo

During my PhD and position as a researcher within the field of clinical biomechanics, I was focusing on movement analyses and the development of injuries, especially in running and track & field. I knew that this is what I want to do… helping athletes staying injury-free and improving performance.

Tobias Hein www.analyz3d.ch
Tobias Hein