The virtual viewfinder for your Qualisys motion capture system makes setting up cameras easier by providing visual aid.

The Viewfinder let’s you see all tracked markers from the point of view of any connected camera. Choose between marker, video and marker intensity mode. Tweak exposure and flash time directly from your iOS and Android device.

Viewfinder is available on the App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android devices.

QTM Remote

QTM Remote works as a remote trigger for QTM. It provides a simple remote control interface that allows:

– Start and stop captures.
– Set the duration of captures.
– Save captures.
– Add events.
– Batch capture support.

QTM Remote is available on the App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android devices.


The Viewfinder & QTM Remote applications require a working Qualisys motion capture system and a computer with WLAN and Qualisys Track Manager version 2.5 or later. The Viewfinder and QTM Remote requires iOS 6 or later.


To connect to QTM you can either manually enter the IP-address or hostname of a computer running QTM, or you can pick a QTM server in the list of discovered hosts. Note that the QTM discovery mechanism only will find QTM servers on your local wireless network.

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Technical notes

The Viewfinder & QTM Remote applications use the QTM Real-time server protocol to communicate with QTM. The protocol lets developers access motion capture data from Qualisys motion capture cameras in real-time. Read more about the Real-time protocol here.


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