What is an Analysis module?

An Analysis module is a special QTM project created with Project Automation Framework. A module contains all you need to get from data collection to a finished report in an easy and streamlined workflow.

Each analysis module is configured with a patient/subject metadata structure, a set of trials, analyses pipelines and report templates.

Available modules

Module Processing engine Report Product sheet
Visual3D Word Web
Gait Gait Modules
Clinical Gait Clinical Gait Modules
Baseball Baseball Module
Cycling Cycling Module
Functional Assessment Functional-Assessment
Golf Golf Analysis Module
Running Running Module
Equine Lameness QHorse Booklet
Code your own

Gait: Select your marker set

Our Gait modules are available for a number of different marker sets, including CAST, Modified Helen Hayes and IOR/Leardini. The complete list of marker sets are outlined in the Modules table.

Online reporting

Take your analysis to the next level with our interactive online reports.

Easily view, compare, annotate and share results through our web applications.


Visual3D is tightly integrated with the automation framework in QTM. It provides an extensive biomechanical toolbox and is used in almost all of our analysis modules.

Patient data management

Project Automation Framework comes with powerful tools for managing patient metadata. Set patient height, weight & birth date or any other metadata directly in QTM. The data is stored in a simple, transparent file hierarchy, making it easy and hassle-free to move data across disks & computers.

Develop your own module

Advanced users can develop their own analysis modules using our Project Automation Framework. Custom modules can for example run Visual3D pipelines, MATLAB code or any command line application.

Read about Project Automation Framework.