Distributor & Partner meeting 2020

Invitation to Qualisys Global Distributor & Partner Meeting 2020

We have the pleasure to invite you to the distributor and partner meeting at our Head Office in Gothenburg on February 5 -7 2020. As in previous years, our agenda will be filled with information about news and you will be allowed to see and test the products. There will also be time and opportunity for conversations with other participants, and we hope that you will find pleasure in the evening activities.

Agenda summary:

Start 9.00  Wednesday 
  • Workshop – Get tools to sell more
  • Lunch
  • Life Science News
  • The Future, technologies, competition
  • New Product presentation
  • Dinner at Qualisys
Start 8.45  Thursday 
  • Partner presentations
  • Entertainment News
  • Lunch
  • Engineering News
  • Evening activity
Start 9.00 Friday
  • Workshops
  • Summary and conclusion
  • 11.45 Official meeting endsOptional! Afternoon meeting with Qualisys Staff 

More information and a full agenda will follow!