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Advanced engineering

The world’s only optical motion capture technology designed for underwater measurement.

Go below the surface

The Miqus platform now includes an underwater camera.


Camera selection guide

for underwater measurements

Requirement M3u M5u 7+u Miqus Video u
Synchronized color video M3u M5u 7+u Miqus Video u
3D tracking capabilities M3u M5u 7+u Miqus Video u
Long distance (>15 m) underwater M3u M5u 7+u Miqus Video u
Fast underwater movement M3u M5u 7+u Miqus Video u
Wide field of view for narrow spaces M3u M5u 7+u Miqus Video u
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Marine applications

Qualisys technology makes accurate positional tracking possible in large and small volumes, both above and underwater.

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An above water system combined with an underwater system gives a full biomechanical swimming analysis, from out of water dive to in-water stroke and turn.

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Track humans or robots from a distance of 15-20 meters for realistic animations to be created using motion capture.


More environments = More possibilities.

Qualisys systems are known for their versatile properties and robust tracking. See what makes our system the best choice for you.

Pressure tested to 40m depth
High-speed sensors
Long and short distances
Synchronisable with external systems
Calibrated underwater video

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Listen to what our customers say. According to our latest customer survey, 96% of our customers would recommend us to others.

Eleni Kelasidi VISTA Post Doc researcher affiliated with the AMOS centre at NTNU in Trondheim
“During our experiments, the camera system from Qualisys installed at MC-lab or at the Flume Tank provided real time precise measurements of the position and orientation of the robot using the reflective markers.”
Jørn Jensen Senior Research Engineer at Hydrolab Sintef Ocean
“Thanks to our long term collaboration with Qualisys and the Underwater system, we have greatly improved the quality and streamlined the collection of data.”

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