5+, 6+ and 7+ series - feature photo

Motion Capture

The main feature of Qualisys’ motion capture cameras is the ability to calculate marker positions with impressive accuracy and speed. Hundreds of markers can be measured at thousands of frames per second with ten, fifty or even more cameras – and it can be run off an ordinary laptop. No workstation or switch is needed which makes the system easy to move out in the field.

Key features

  • High-speed motion capture
  • High-speed video2
  • Resolution: 1.3, 4, 6 and 12 megapixels
  • Low latency for real-time applications
  • Active filtering for outdoor captures
  • Passive & active marker support
  • Water resistent IP67 housing1
  • Daisy-chaining (no switch required)
  • In-camera marker masking
  • Silent operation
  • WiFi1
5+, 6+ and 7+ series - feature photo

High-speed sensor mode

High-speed sensor mode2 is a sub-sampling mode that gives increased frame rate without sacrificing field-of-view. For example, the 3+ is able to capture at 1 750 fps, with full FOV and a sensor resolution of 640× 512. More impressive is the 7+, which is able to capture at 1 100 fps with full FOV and a resolution of 3 megapixels. The high-speed mode works for both marker and video captures. It is also possible to measure up to 10 000 fps with reduced field of view.

5+, 6+ and 7+ series - feature photo

Sports, gait and other analysis modules

With this cameras you can take the full advantage of our analysis modules for QTM, our data acquisition software. Select from a wide range of modules, including ones for gait, golf, baseball and running. The modules are designed for clinical environments, where speed and ease of use is of great importance. The modules are complete with pre-defined marker sets, report templates and documentation.

Extreme pixel rate

Get 12 MP @ 300 fps, or
3 MP @ 1 100 fps (full FOV) with
The 7+, our fastest camera yet.

Outdoor motion capture - Oqus motion capture cameras from Qualisys

Outdoor mocap

Our Sun Filter and active filtering dramatically increase the ability to capture outdoors. Read more.

Water resistant housing1

The IP67 weatherproof classified version of the 5+, 6+, and 7+ camera is perfect for marine or outdoor applications.

Motorized lens

Control focus and aperture on cameras with motorized lenses. The motorized lens is controlled by QTM, our motion capture software. (Only available on 7+).

Low latency

The platform is engineered for minimum latency & exceptional real-time performance. With complete camera and full software pipeline latency down to 4ms, this model is in a class of its own.

3D video overlay

Get 3D video overlay on your reference video. Works with any camera as long as it’s been calibrated with the mocap system.

Daisy chaining

Qualisys cameras are daisy-chained which means less cables and easier setup. Hence small systems can be set up without switches.

MRI shielded housing

Optional accessory/feature. The camera is available with an MRI shielded housing that allows it to capture movements inside an MRI scanner.

Quick lens access

Easily adjust aperture and focus manually. Just rotate the strobe to gain lens access.

High-speed video

Full-frame high-speed video capability is available as an option. Get frame rates up to 500 fps (full FOV) and up to 10 000 fps with reduced FOV.

External synchronization

Qualisys provides configurable sync in and out ports for syncing with external hardware.

Field of view

Get horizontal field of view of up to 70º with our wide angle lenses or choose from a number of other available field of views.

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Compare cameras

Camera Normal mode
(full FOV)
High-speed mode
(full FOV)
Max fps1
(reduced FOV)
Max capture
(with 16mm marker)
Outdoor Motorised
lens control
1.3 MP 500 fps 0.3 MP 1 750 fps 10 000 fps 22 m 4
4 MP 180 fps 1 MP 360 fps 10 000 fps 25 m 4
6 MP 450 fps 1.5 MP 1 660 fps 10 000 fps 28 m 4
12 MP 300 fps 3 MP 1 100 fps 10 000 fps 35 m 4
Miqus M1
1 MP 250 fps 10 000 fps 10 m
Miqus M3
2 MP 340 fps 0.5 MP 650 fps 10 000 fps 15 m
Miqus M5
4 MP 180 fps 1 MP 360 fps 10 000 fps 18 m
1 With reduced field-of-view & resolution. 2 Max distance where marker covers 2 × 2 pixels @ 200 fps. 3 Optional accessory/feature.
4 Has active-filtering and/or Sun Filter compatibility for improved outdoor measurements. Read more about our outdoor capabilities.

Camera body

Dimensions: 18.7 × 11 × 12.5 cm (7.4 × 4.3 × 4.9 in)
Weight5: 1.9 – 2.1 kg (4.2 – 4.6 lbs)

Oqus dimensions

Convection cooled, custom die-cast aluminum.

Available housings
  • Standard / IP67 / MRI


Camera output
  • Marker coordinates
  • High-speed video3

Active filtering for outdoor motion capture.


Adjustable focus & f-stop.
Field of view: 70°, 56°, 47°, 40°, or 20°


Built-in 128 x 64 high contrast OLED display.


Wired: Ethernet (hub-less & daisy-chained)
Wireless: WiFi 802.11n/g3

3 Optional accessory/feature.
5 Varies slightly across camera types.