Qualisys cameras have the ability to receive a hardware synchronization signal of any frequency (up to 50 kHz) and have its internal clock locked-on to the external source. The external clock source frequency can be either higher or lower than the desired motion capture frequency. Qualisys features support for time stamping of motion capture data using SMPTE time code, allowing for frame-synchronized recording of audio.

In addition to the ability to synchronize to an external source, the  system is also capable of synchronizing any external equipment at a frequency independent of the motion capture frequency.

Data format

Qualisys Track Manager, QTM, has native support for streaming data over Open Sound Control. The stream of identified 3D data, 6DOF data and/or analog data can be packaged in OSC messages for transport over UDP/IP to an OSC aware software such as Max/MSP/Jitter.

Besides the OSC stream, QTM also has several ways of feeding data to external applications for processing, such as Matlab.


In daily life there exists a strong connection between sound and motion. Many activities are directly associated with sound events, from walking to playing a musical instrument. The relation between sound and motion is important in a wide range of applications, for example:

  • Sound and music computing (sonic interaction design, virtual reality, sonification of movements, computer music, new interfaces for musical expression)
  • Music psychology research (action planning and memory retrieval, multi-modal perception, joint action and ensemble performance)
  • Music performance and pedagogy (analysis of musical instrument performance, interactive music tuition systems)
  • Neuroscience (auditory- and sensory-motor control, music and the brain, music therapy and sensory-motor rehabilitation)
  • Speech communication (speech production and non-verbal communication)

Qualisys motion capture systems offer great advantages in these areas. The integration with sound enables the study of the relation between sound and movement at an unprecedented level of detail, not attainable with conventional techniques such as video recording. The low-latency streaming of movement data via OSC facilitates the creation of sophisticated interactive applications.

Qualisys provides a platform for making progress when sound and motion join.

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