3D video overlay

Get 3D video overlay on your reference video. Video overlay works with any Qualisys video camera that’s been calibrated with the mocap system.

Go markerless

The Gait analysis module offers the option to use markerless capture – all within a single, streamlined workflow, no matter if you are testing with or without markers.

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Interactive web reports

Generate an online report with all relevant results and findings. Create a private link to share the report.

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Gait lab setup

Setting up and running a successful gait lab requires, along with skilled staff, a comprehensive set of dedicated hardware and software tools. Qualisys offers these tools together with interfaces and integrations to external equipment.

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Qualisys offers a range of cameras for different needs, whether your room is small or big. All camera specs can be found here. A typical gait lab setups consist of 8-12 cameras to cover a capture volume of at least 4 × 1.5 × 2 m (length × width × height).

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Force plates

Force plates determine the centre of pressure and force components, enabling advanced biomechanics software such as Visual3D to calculate joint moments and power.

Plates from all major manufacturers such as AMTI, Bertec and Kistler can be seamlessly integrated into our system, including selected instrumented, split-belt treadmills.

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Video is used in most gait labs to visualise force vectors (video overlay) and to compare the measured data with the subjective impression from the video. Our Miqus Video cameras are fully synchronized and calibrated with the Motion Capture system, enabling a flaw-less 3D overlay.

Professor Jim Richards shows benefits of his Qualisys mocap system

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EMG systems accurately measure muscle activity throughout the gait cycle. With our data collection software Qualisys Track manager, EMG data is recorded synchronously with the motion capture data and into a single file. More information about our digital EMG integrations can be found here.

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Data management made easy

Data management can be handled by our Project Automation Framework, where personal information such as name, height and weight are entered and you are guided through the measurement process.

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Analysis – No black box

If you are using one of our Analysis Modules, all you need to do is a single mouse click and the Project Automation Frameworks exports data and runs a standardised, yet transparent and customisable script in Visual3D.

Alternatively, you can just export the data and write your own analyses with Visual3D or other tools and languages (e.g. MATLAB).

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Web report

With the click of a button, a Word or online web report is populated with the gait analysis results. The report is based on a template prepared by Baker, McGinley and Thomason for a workshop on Impairment focused interpretation at the JEGM meeting, Miami, 2010.

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A flexible system for your research project

Qualisys camera systems integrates seamlessly with many other systems, including force plates, EMG and eye-trackers, offering endless possibilities for your projects. Use our automatic labeling mechanism, AIM, to process the data that you need quickly and efficiently.

You can export via c3d, text or MATLAB files for further analysis.

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