Horse lameness gait analysis

The horse is equipped with markers on the head, withers and pelvis, which are detected by twenty cameras in the riding arena. On the straight line, as well as on the circle, the horse can be evaluated. Results are directly analysed and seen on the screen in the arena

There are many different reasons why a horse is presented to the clinic for a veterinary check-up. The owner might have experienced the horse is lame or not performing at its best, whether it’s a leg or a top line problem. Or the horse is about to be sold and the buyer wants a record that the horse is sound and physically working as it should.

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Scientifically proven

The solution is developed of Qualisys together with a research team and experts from SLU (The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), it is evaluated and validated at Utrecht University’s Equine Clinic and Tierklinik Lüsche. It is currently being used at this three clinics but also at Ale Djursjukhus and Evidensia Specialistdjursjukhuset Helsingborg in Sweden.

Comparing to other lameness evaluation tools the benefits is overwhelming. The accuracy is outstanding and no other system makes a 3D analysis that allows the veterinarian to see all important measurements at once and compare them over time.

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The Motion capture system

  • Analysis using motion capture technology, an advanced optical system for gathering accurate movement data.
  • 12 cameras are used to cover the volume where you trot the horse in a straight line and another 8 cameras cover a circular volume.
  • These two volumes can be used independently or in combination with each other.
  • Measurements are made in 400 fps with sub-millimeter accuracy.
  • Software Qualisys Track Manager
  • Web-based report
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How it works

  • Attach marker clusters to horse
  • Input client/patient information
  • Measure the horse during trot on straight line or on the circle
  • Analyse the measurements
  • Compare before and after blocks or flexion tests
  • Print webreport
Clinical  – QHorse - feature photo

Easy overview

The interface is designed to show asymmetries in a variety of ways, ranging from an easy overview to in depth stride by stride information. This is paired with quick and easy comparisons of measurements, video recordings and a report function.

Clinical  – QHorse - feature photo

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