Virtual Reality

Qualisys have one of the world’s most accurate and easy-to-use VR tracking systems. The system has extremely low latency with the smoothest tracking on the market. Along with Unity or Unreal software, we can offer a plug-and-play VR solution without complicated customizations.

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The most user-friendly implementation of human, animal, or object tracking. Indoor, outdoor, or even underwater.
We provide skeleton solving of multiple characters, exported to FBX or streamed in real-time directly into the game engine or animation software.

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6DOF rigid bodies

QTM allows you to define and edit rigid bodies easily. Once defined, the rigid bodies are automatically identified in real-time using AIM.

Skeleton solving

Qualisys provides a robust skeleton solver that lets you solve one or more actors in real-time. Capturing crouching, wrestling and lying on the floor has never been this straight-forward.

Project Automation Framework

Project Automation Framework is the foundation on which our analysis modules are built upon. The framework provides all the bits and pieces needed to glue together motion capture, metadata management, analysis pipelines and reports.

Site license

The industry-unique site license means that you can freely deploy QTM on as many computers as you like. Goodbye dongles.

Real-time SDK

Stream motion data over TCP/UDP to your application. Applications already integrated includes Unity, Unreal Engine, MotionBuilder and Maya.

Outdoor mocap

Get superior results even in harsh outdoor conditions. Our Sun Filter makes it possible to capture where it was previously impossible.

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