Mocap Ambassador Award - feature photo

Congratulations to Prof. José Heredia-Jimenez

José Heredia-Jimenez currently works at the Department of Physical Education and Sport of the University of Granada on the campus of Ceuta. He is the head of the Human Behavior & Motion Analysis lab placed in Ceuta. The research interest is in human locomotion using biomechanics techniques (MoCap systems, EMG, force plates) combined with Physiological and Psychological tools in healthy and clinical populations.

Mocap Ambassador Award - feature photo

The motivation is as follows:

“Prof. Heredia has been a strong advocate of motion capture as a gold standard in research, clinical work, and teaching. Through networking and knowledge sharing, he participated in creating three new motion capture labs in Spain and is involved in collaborative projects with different international and national universities (USC-USA, UCLAN-UK, UCV-Spain). Like with many other customers, Mats Kanarbik shared a special connection and friendship with Prof. Heredia beyond pure business.”

Mocap Ambassador Award - feature photo


To honor Mats Kanarbik and continue the mission he was so dedicated to, Qualisys has established the Qualisys Motion Capture Ambassador Award – in memory of Mats Kanarbik, which will be annually granted to a candidate exhibiting outstanding leadership in the networking and expansion of motion capture values.  Anyone can nominate a friend, colleague or competitor in the world of motion capture working in that spirit.

The award constitutes 10 000 SEK (approx. 1010 CHF or €940),
a Certificate of Achievement and a small Swedish glass art piece.

The award will be handed over in person later this year.