A programming assignment

Ever found yourself stuck playing minesweeper while procrastinating doing something else? Ever thought it was a stupid game that a computer would play far better than you do?

Windows Minesweeper

Now you have a chance to test that hypothesis: Your task is to write a program that plays Minesweeper for you. The program should control a minesweeper implementation of your choice. It can be winmine, an online version such as minesweeperonline or maybe you feel like writing a simple, or advanced :-), implementation of you own. It should be written in C++ or C# and preferably compile in Microsoft Visual studio.

The assignment is intentionally left quite open to encourage creative solutions. It is up to you to choose what aspects of software development to focus at, being software design, testability, algorithms, interface or any other aspect that you feel is important. We're looking forward seeing your choice of approach.

An important point with this assignment is to give us some code you have written to go through and discuss in a possible future interview. Good luck!

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