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Federal Training Sport Center

Preparation for the Russian Winter Olympics 2014

A specialized scientific laboratory was set up by the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Russian Federation in order to help Russian athletes prepare for the Winter Olympic games 2014 in Sochi.

The Clinical Gait Lab Antwerp

Quantitative gait analysis documents the outcome of these interventions and helps us to improve treatment in the future. Adequate treatment helps children with cerebral palsy to maintain mobility and develop motor skills to the full.

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Gait & Rehab at University of Salford

Rehabilitation & human performance.

University of Salford has invested in three, state-of-the-art gait/human performance laboratories, all managed by Dr. Richard Jones. Qualisys equips two of them, namely the Clinical Gait Analysis & Research Facility and the Gait & Human Performance lab.

Penn State University

Golf teaching & research center.

Fix a slice, lengthen a drive, improve ball striking consistency or turn a bogey into a par with fewer strokes on the putting green — there are countless ways to improve a golf game. Penn State’s Golf Teaching and Research Center (GTRC) can easily pinpoint errors that occur in a golfer’s swing.

Marine research & development at MARINTEK

Offshore structures, seakeeping, ship manoeuvering and more.

Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute – MARINTEK – performs research, development and research-based advisory services in the maritime sector for companies in the field of marine technology.

MRI at Cardiff University

Combining brain activity and movements.

The first system in the world that’s able to measure both finger and arm movements outside the scanner and on parts of the human body lying inside the bore of the scanner.

Sound & Motion at University of Oslo

Integrated sound & kinematics.

How do we experience music? How does body movement guide our cognition? How can knowledge about movement and sound create better technologies? These are questions that interest FourMs, an interdisciplinary research group.

The SLU Movement Laboratory

Canine locomotion

Equipped with the most advanced motion capture technology available to the world of veterinary medicine, the Canine Movement Laboratory at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences continues to push boundries in canine research.

Summit Medical Fitness Center

Competitive Edge Performance Laboratory

The intent of the lab is to “add science” to our premium Competitive Edge resistance training program as well as ALL units/programs under the umbrella of the SMFC. The heart of these services will be our Cardiopulmonary Testing and Qualisys Motion Analysis equipment platforms.


Sports performance

Elitrehab sportphysiopractice in Gothenburg,wanted to try out our Running Analysis in a new concept togehter with functional screening and individual programming to prevent injuries and enhance performance in endurance Athletes.

Analyz3d by Dr. Tobias Hein

Human biomechanics

Currently, the focus lies on the Analyz3d – Running Analysis Concept which combines clinical-functional testing methods and 2D/3D movement analyses of the whole locomotor system.

Virginia Commonwealth University RunLab

Human biomechanics

The VCU RUN LAB utilizes evidence from research generated in the lab. We aim to educate both students and the community on best practices for running and running health.

Virginia Tech, Granata Lab

Human biomechanics

The equipment that is used in the Granata Lab for monitoring three-dimensional kinematics is a Qualisys state of the art motion capture system. This system is comprised of ten digital cameras (OQUS 7) that can sample between 3 and 12 megapixels at variable frame rates between 300 and 1100 frames per second at full resolution.

Ghent university

Research unit Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human Movement at Ghent University

This unit consists of two closely collaborating research groups that investigate the performance, training and learning of motor skills in daily life situations and sports. Our research is relevant to individuals of all ages and physical abilities and involves both laboratory and field testing.

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“More than just a media lab…”

Virginia Tech pushes its limits in Virtual Reality in The Cube

Our users at Virginia Tech’s Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology took the application of virtual reality and applied it towards human studies in a facility which seemingly exists in an alternate universe.

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Lund University Humanities Lab

Human Biomechanics

The Lab is a vibrant and dynamic environment enabling scholars in the humanities to combine traditional and novel methods, and to interact with other disciplines in order to meet the scientific challenges ahead to understand, explain and improve the human condition. We use the Qualisys system in a multitude of setups – from researchers studying body language and gestures, to teams who enhance the movement of digital characters in virtual environments.

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Haptic augmented reality

As a part of Ericsson’s research on remote control, they created a prototype system for remote controlling drones using haptic augmented reality. It turned into an exciting demonstration and showcase for something that future network technologies like 5G can enable. The project was shown at the Mobile World Congress 2016 where it was also demonstrated live on stage by Ericsson’s CEO…

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Mittuniversitetet – Mid Sweden University

Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre

SWSRC is an Olympic test and training centre for winter sports in Sweden where the foundation is strong research into sports, performance and health.

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The JYU Music and Motion Lab at the University of Jyväskylä

A multidisciplinary lab facility, dedicated mainly to research of movement in music-related activities.

We have been investigating how people spontaneously react to and engage with music when they are asked to listen and move.


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Tierklinik Lüsche – Equine biomechanics at the highest level

Equine Motion Capture gives us the possibility to acquire an objective analysis of the motion of the horse; front legs, hind legs and neck/back and pelvic movements. The system does not only point out the lame leg, it also provides us the kind of lameness (push off or impact). For top line problems, it gives information about the range of motion in the neck, back and pelvis.


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Rehazenter Luxembourg

Within the Rehazenter, the Laboratoire d’Analyse du Mouvement et de la Posture (LAMP) is dedicated to the quantitative evaluation of movements, and more particularly walking. Through the analysis of kinematics, kinetics and electromyography, the diagnostic can be refined and treatments evaluated.

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Neuromusic for Kids

They are capable to perceive information faster, with cross-modal processing,activating all senses at once : visual perception, audio analyzers , neuromotor functions. Stepanov Sergey NeuromusicGroup Reflection Ukraine.

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Robotics underwater research at NTNU

Swimming robot manipulators have several promising applications for underwater exploration, monitoring, surveillance and inspection.

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Next-level virtual reality gaming in the VR Arcade Amsterdam

The VR Arcade Amsterdam wanted to build a VR experience that would be unlike any other and gathered technologies from multiple vendors and combined them into one unique experience.

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