Qualisys Track Manager, Qualisys’ unmatched motion capture software, makes the motion capture process a breeze. Measure indoor or outdoor, in-air or underwater, passive or active – all in one uniform and consistent experience.

Motion capture everywhere

Qualisys Track Manager, or QTM for short, is Qualisys’ main software that handles the motion capture process in an efficient and user friendly way. QTM supports hardware made by Qualisys as well as a variety of external equipment. The software is an integral part of Qualisys’ motion capture system and is used for a wide range of application scenarios such as indoor or outdoor, in-air or underwater, with passive markers or active markers, real-time or post-processing, ensuring a consistent and familiar user experience.

High performance 2D / 3D / 6DOF tracking

QTM collects 2D marker position data and calculates 3D and 6DOF data. This can be done in real-time, with minimal latency achieving fast throughput or in post-processing. The tracker in QTM is completely scalable: one can start with one camera (only doing 2D-tracking) and then add cameras in order to expand the measurement volume. QTM also supports mixing of different types of Oqus cameras within the same system.

External equipment support

QTM supports all major force plates and EMG systems used in biomechanic research. The Delsys, Noraxon and Mega EMG systems have dedicated drivers within QTM. QTM has integrated support for a 64-channel A/D-interface (several such units can be used together in order to increase the channel count). Through the A/D-interface basically any type of signal can be aquired synchronously with motion data.

Qualisys Track Manager can capture video from DV cameras, webcams and via HDMI input (requires a PCI Express card). High-speed video can be captured from Oqus cameras or using Point Grey’s high-speed video cameras.

Easy Export

QTM allows you to export your 3D and 6DOF data for further analysis in other software. Data can be exported to Matlab (.mat), Visual3D (.c3d)  or to plain tab separated value files (.tsv), which can be read by Microsoft Excel, for example.

Real-time streaming

Stream 2D, calculated 3D and 6DOF data over TCP or UDP in real-time for easy integration in other applictions. This is useful for closed control loops, real-time visualisations or biomechanical feedback in real-time. A wide range of applicatons have been integrated with QTM using this feature: Matlab, Simulink, LabView, MotionBuilder, WorldWiz, Visual3D, Motek-Caren, Max/MSP/Jitter to name a few.

The real-time server also implements Open Sound Control (OSC) which is useful for sound researchers.

High jump in 120 fps.

Big volume capture with three actors.