Qualisys provides the possibility to measure underwater by using specially adapted Oqus motion capture cameras. Measure anything underwater, for example ship scale models, water sports, animation and more.

A new world

Motion capture technology has been available for researchers and scientists for a few decades, which has given new insight into many fields. With Qualisys’ unique Oqus underwater camera system, a new world of motion capture opens up. Get under the surface in marine applications to observe motions of ships, submarines or oil pipelines crossing the surface. Dive in on biomechanical applications, studying motions of swimmers or divers; or capture real underwater movements for the next Hollywood blockbuster.


The Oqus underwater cameras use the same mocap platform as the standard Oqus cameras. The same range of image sensors are available with the same possibilities. The system is controlled through Qualisys Track Manager with the same features as an ordinary land-based Oqus system. Synchronization with external equipment is just as flexible and it is possible to stream both free markers and 6DOF-data in real-time, to a third-party application.

The leg of a swimming person in Visual3D.

High speed video

The Oqus camera has integrated, full-frame, high speed video capability as an option. The underwater Oqus has this possibility as well and an underwater mocap camera is turned into a high-speed camera with a simple mouse click. High speed video is very useful to visualize measurements and overlay marker data on the real subjects.


Each underwater camera is pressure tested to 40m and is corrosion protected for use in salt water tanks or chlorinated swimming pools. Weight and volume is balanced to give the camera neutral buoyancy for easy handling in water.

Underwater measurements

In June 2011, we made underwater measurements at Valhallabadet in Göteborg. The result can be seen on youtube.