• Stream data anywhere via TCP/UDP
  • Latency down to 4 milliseconds
  • Real-time SDKs available for multiple platforms

Portable system

  • A single cable (daisy-chained)
  • A single computer
  • Easy to set up and move around!

6DOF rigid bodies

  • Define rigid bodies using three or more markers
  • Below 0.1 degree rotational accuracy
  • Stream rigid bodies to external applications using our real-time sdk

Site license

  • Unlimited number of QTM-installations at your department
  • No dongle required
  • Give your students time-limited access

Virtual reality applications

Virtual reality enables several interesting applications such as virtual training (soldier situation training, machine operator training), virtual stimuli generation for motor control research (exposing the test subject with a simulated/virtual environment with specific visual stimuli’s such as obstacles requiring adaption/action of the test subject), virtual design (to be able to walk around and visualize a new product design from a first person perspective, creating a high degree of immersion and thus enabling a true understanding of the final product and its features.

Motion capture enables detailed interaction

Qualisys motion capture technology enables a broader range of interaction between the virtual environment and real life subjects and objects. This is accomplished through the provision of real-time marker positions from all body parts from multiple subjects and objects at the same time. The positional data from the Qualisys system can thus both be used for tracking of rigid objects (eye-tracking devices, hand-held objects) and tracking of  human body movements at the same time. The positional information can then be used for creating specific feedback in the virtual environment.

Virtual reality integrations

Our tracking software makes it easy to track 6DOF of rigid bodies such as head mounted devices, eye-trackers and hand-held devices.

Qualisys Track Manager has integrations with the following software applications: UnityEON Studio and WorldWiz. Hardware integrations include eye-trackers from ASLSMI and Ergoneers (Dikablis).